Our mission

Hover over the boxes below to find out how Rumble snacks are trying to play our part in saving the environment, and promoting healthier lifestyles for children

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Our products are shipped in compostable & biodegradable packaging. We also use 100% recycled cardboard.


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20.1% of 10-11 year olds in the UK are now obese with a further 14.2% being overweight.

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Did you know that Rainforests produce 20% of all the oxygen on Earth as well as covering 2% of our surface!


As a conscientious food company, we endeavour to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. 

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Zero Added

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Our snacks only contain sugars that occur naturally in the fruits we use. This makes us a great alternative to sugary sweets

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90% of the worlds sea birds and 50% of the worlds turtles are consuming plastic into their digestive system.

Plant Based

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If the world went vegan it could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 66% and save $1.5 trillion.


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Rainforest are also home to more than half the plants and animals in the world and help regulate our climate.


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Our 100% natural snack range  aims to replace poor snack choices with great tasting alternatives.

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