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What is Rumble?

Rumble snacks is a healthy & environmentally friendly alternative to sweets. Our aim is to simplify the way parents purchase and access healthy snacks for their children and with our compostable packaging and recycled boxes we like to think we are doing our bit as well!

Who is Rumble for?

Rumble snacks are for anyone who wants to snack healthier although our products are designed primarily for children. 


With the overwhelming choice of snacks, and confusing marketing, Rumble aims to provide clarity and convenience by delivering delicious, 100% natural raisins and cranberries in a variety of flavours.

How does it work?


Rumble boxes will be ordered via www.rumblesnacks.co.uk/shop or via Amazon UK or Ebay. Boxes will contain either 10 or 20 bags to ensure your child has enough snacks for every occasion. Moreover these will be delivered right to your front door via Royal Mail second class standard delivery. 

Why choose Rumble?

When subscribing to a Rumble box you not only are you buying healthy snacks for your children, but you are helping them to start a journey towards a healthier lifestyle!


The "Rumble Rewards" will empower parents and carers to monitor vital areas of healthy living through incentivised stickers charts.


Our ambitious aim is to motivate everyone involved in the Rumble process to eat healthier, be more active, have cleaner teeth, drink more water and establish positive sleep/bedtime routines.

What makes Rumble different?

Rumble products will cover several fields of healthy eating


  • 100% Natural

  • Vegan

  • No added sugar

  • Environmentally Conscious


Alongside the above Rumble snacks will contain zero preservatives, and zero artificial flavourings.

Do Rumble products contain allergens?

Rumble products are currently manufactured in an environment that handles all allergens. We are looking to eliminate allergen risks as soon as possible.

What size are Rumble boxes delivered in?

Rumble snacks are posted in a small A5/C5 box, 230mm x 160mm x 22mm, which will fit through all standard letter boxes.

What is the refund policy?

Upon receiving your Rumble box you must inspect the contents and notify us immediately for any damage or defects to the Product(s). Should you not receive any Product(s) that you have purchased, within 14 days from the date or order, then please contact us immediately at hello@rumblesnacks.co.uk. Any lost products that are not reported within this period shall be deemed delivered.