Zesty, fresh Lime!

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Enjoy the taste of zesty, fresh lime alongside the juicy and succulent texture of raisins and cranberries in this simply super snack. Perfect for lunchboxes, snack times or even the office drawer these are an easy  and healthy way to keep everyone fuelled at all times of the day.

We are back in business and so proud of our 5 flavour range of raisins and cranberries which is 100% natural, low in calories, has zero added sugar and is all posted to your front door in recycled and compostable packaging! What's more is that for only £5.49 you can get 10 bags or for £7.99 you can get 20 bags. A great alternative to sweets for your little ones and 100% delicious. Visit www.rumblesnacks.co.uk for more info

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